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Vickie Postlewait, CMT, Owner

    I started Hands In Service Massage over 12 years ago out of the desire to help others discover the same kind of health benefits in massage that I have. I have dealt with back problems for years, so I have great empathy for those who come to me in pain. Consistent massage has been the most successful treatment that has helped keep me healthy and I have seen massage do the same for many of my clients.  Notice I said CONSISTANT massage. As I have worked with clients over the years who suffer from chronic pain, it has been the ones who stayed on a regular schedule of massage that received the greatest benefit. 
  Part of my job is to help you firgure out what schedule is right for your body's needs.  I look forward to working with you and helping you get the most out of your massage experience!

Heather Luck, ​CMT
I am a certified massage therapist and I have been doing massage therapy in the Manhattan area for 7 years. I tailor my techniques to each individual's needs. Massage therapy benefits individuals in a wide range of areas from anxiety to muscle pains and strains. I am grateful for the opportunitcy to help people by addressing their needs through massage therapy.

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